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Sessions in room FCE D1122

Wed 26. 8.   12:45 - 13:45  

Specials & Workshops (4) / A VIEW FROM OUTSIDE (EVALUATION)

Wed 26. 8.   19:30 - 20:30  

Business Meeting

Thu 27. 8.   09:00 - 10:30  

A Generation Divided? Realities of and Responses to Inequality and Injustices Among Contemporary Young People

Thu 27. 8.   12:45 - 13:45  

Specials & Workshops (10) / A VIEW FROM OUTSIDE (FUNDING)

Thu 27. 8.   16:30 - 17:30  

Routledge Workshop


Publishing in the ESA journal European Societies: A session with the editor A session with the new editor of the journal Michalis Lianos, discussing how best to publish your research in the age of bibliometrics and assessments. From norms and schools of thought to originality and interdisciplinarity, the choices for both authors and editors have significant consequences. Cultural and linguistic hegemony - albeit unfair - is omnipresent, but a journal that represents the entire European sociological community must find ways to achieve all possible plurality. European Societies aims to combine openness, speedy reviewing and high quality. Discuss your expectations and experiences and see how an established journal can publish your work.