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Social Inequalities and Discrimination


Wed 26. 8.  11:00 - 12:30
room FA 203

The Complicity of Ageism with Sexism and Class Discrimination in Turkey


Varisli, Berfin
Maltepe University, Turkey

There is an observable increase in the old age in Turkey as in many contemporary European countries. The life expectancy of people in Turkey and in Europe increase rapidly and especially people of Turkey is not ready to adapt to this change. This paper has two arguments; first one is; most of the elderly people in Turkey are often exposed to ageism, which goes hand in hand with sexism; secondly; the severity of ageism in Turkey is bound up with the class discrimination. In other words, this paper aims to find an integrated answer to the following questions; firstly how does the gender affect the ageism in Turkey? Secondly is there a significant relation with the class analysis and ageism? For analyzing the influence of gender and class upon ageism, this paper adheres to feminist methodology and gets help from socialist feminism. For exploring this influence of class upon ageism, stratification theory and more specifically Pierre Bourdieu’s stratification theory in which he categorizes the people according to their positions within the society and their cultural tastes and life styles, is followed.