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Care and Caregiving


Wed 26. 8.  14:00 - 15:30
room FA 204

Pathway to care(r)


Øydgard, Guro Wisth
University of Nordland, Norway

Background: Next of a kin to persons with dementia is expected to contribute in the daily care for persons with dementia. It is therefore a need to investigate the next of a kin’s role due to cover the needs for persons with dementias help and care. This both within their daily life as next of a kin for the person with dementia, but also in contact with the public services when they discuss what kind of help the public services can offer. Aim: This presentation will show how the next of a kin’s position change, and how their contact with the public health care system develops when the illness gets worse. Methods: Qualitative interviews with 25 next of a kin. Results: My presentation shows how the next of a kin goes from being a housband/wife or a child to a carer. At the same time the next of a kin also negotiate with the health services in order to get services from the public health system for the person with dementia. In my presentation I argue that even though it is the person with dementia that gets the service granted, the services is really made for the next of a kin. Because of this, I ask if the pathway to care must be seen as the pathway to care for the next of a kin in addition to for the person with dementia. I also discuss what implications this has for the next of a kin, the person with dementia and the content in public services.