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Active Ageing


Wed 26. 8.  18:00 - 19:30
room FA 203

Patterns of activities among retirees in urban environment


Pawlina, Anna
Cracow University of Economics, Poland

Ageing and urbanisation are main trends that shape modern world.The population of European cities is getting older and this process has its consequences in different aspects of social life. One of the main challenges is created by the transition from professional career into retirement.The aim of this paper is to present what are the patterns of activities undertaken by retirees in urban environment. The main question is how the choices of young retirees (people who have been retired for no longer than 10 years) are linked with their situation in urban environment. The study was carried out in Cracow, one of the main polish cities in period between 2012-2015. There were 206 participants who answered the question in a survey. The statistical analysis (Hierarchical Cluster Analysis, and further cluster profiling) helped to distinguish 2 patterns of activities connected with demographical characteristics of young retirees and their attitudes toward the urban space. The results of the research are interesting especially in the context of the concept of active ageing that seems to shape the urban social policy towards elderly as they help to understand how the choices in sphere of being active are constructed in urban environment.