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Careers II


Fri 28. 8.  16:00 - 17:30
room FA 548

High-income women’s reasons to postpone maternity


Beranová, Barbora; Irikovská, Alexandra; Pacáková, Hana
Faculty of Social Sciences, Czech Republic

The thesis goal is to introduce results of qualitative research aimed at so called “aging primiparas”, that is women who decided to have a child after they reached age of 35. A phenomenon to postpone maternity became one of the most discussed topics in recent years, a result of various demographical changes in the Czech Republic. One of the popular theories explaining why women have a child in later stage (above 35) is a theory of rational choice during maternity postponement, which was then more specifically defined as microeconomic theory of fertility by Gary S. Becker in 1970s. Rational choice in this theory means that the desire to have children is limited by external barriers, which increase the costs of parenthood. However, the situation can be improved by government through social-political measures. A qualitative research in a form of in-depth interviews was conducted with high-income women, who had their first child after age of 35; in order to understand their declared rational arguments of why to postpone the first child’s birth as well as to discover external factors that they perceive to be limiting their decisions (social-political government measures, social pressures, pressure of an employer etc.)