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Artistic Life: Uncertainty and Dilemmas


Fri 28. 8.  16:00 - 17:30
room FA 249

Uncertainty of Artist´s life?


Rozboril, Blahoslav (1); Pisarikova, Jana (2)
1: Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic; 2: Moravian Gallery Brno

The paper focuses on fine art producers, their subjective experience of their existential situation and the strategies used to solve it. The text is based on empirical material – a survey in a written form, in which Czech artists born in 1970s and 80s who entered the art scene after the year 2000 are being interviewed. The respondents answered a set of 20 questions via email. The paper puts the research in a diachronic context by comparing it with a similar survey carried out in the 1930s (On the Social Position of Czechoslovak Writer. A Survey by the U-blok magazine). The comparison suggests that the changes between the two periods in focus only apply to several parametres entering the situation. However, most elements of the living situation of an art producer seem to be constant. Similar practices and strategies in the solving of various situations have been repeated over decades, even though art producers perceive everydayness as the challenge to employ their creativity. The most frequent (and researched with a priority focus) solution of an artist securing their living is by working in an educational institution. Many authors nevertheless perceive their pedagogical activities as a mission extending their attention to the external world into another dimension of their authorial undetakings. Part of the respondents see the lack of security in their lives as an ambivalent element interconnecting freedom with a voluntary acceptance of limitations. It seems artists are better equipped for the confrontation with social unequality or economic crisis thanks to their accepted uncertainty. However, they see some aspects of their situation as a privilege.