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Poster Session


Thu 27. 8.  12:45 - 13:45
room FCE Poster Area

Attitudes toward financial security in the second half of life


Franke, Janna; Simonson, Julia
German Centre of Gerontology, Germany

_Objectives_: In Germany, the last two decades have been characterized by a change in the responsibility for financial security in old age: The policy of the activating welfare state entails an increasing individual responsibility and decreasing state responsibility. Until now, however, it has been rarely examined how attitudes toward the responsibility for financial security have changed over time in accordance with the transformation of the welfare state. Equally, the relationship of attitudes toward state and individual responsibility and its development over time remains unclear. _Methods_: This paper addresses long-term trends in the mean endorsement of both state and individual responsibility and the relationship between these two attitudes. The data come from three waves (1996, 2002, and 2008) of the German Ageing Survey (DEAS), which is a nationwide representative cross-sectional and longitudinal survey of the population aged 40 years and older living in Germany. The data are analyzed by using ANOVA and multi-group models. _Results_: The analyses show fairly stable attitudes toward both state and private responsibility over time. However, there is a negative relationship between the acceptance of state and individual responsibility. Surprisingly, this negative relationship increases over time. This development is in contrast to the increasingly important interplay between state and individual old age provision within the multi-pillar system of financial security, and was probably not intended by social policy. _Outlook_: In a next step, we will analyze whether the development of attitudes varies between different groups (e.g. by income, age, education). Discovering these long-term trends can indicate the specific groups with diverging attitudes toward the responsibility of financial security.