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Ageing and Migration


Wed 26. 8.  18:00 - 19:30
room FA 204

Ageing and care: the role of immigrant caregivers.


Romea, Ana Cristina; Gómez, Carlos
University of Zaragoza, Spain

Europe is suffering an important demographic ageing, which is especially pronounced in Spain. The Spanish traditional model of care -called Mediterranean and typical from countries like Italy and Greek- is defined by an assistance character and a strong family presence. Furthermore, some social changes occurred around Europe -particularly the incorporation of women into the labor market- have generated an increasing need for care. The crisis of the traditional Spanish model, has reduced the number of potential caregivers –since they were mostly women-, which has produced a diversification in the caregiver profile in that country. This study is focused on immigrant caregivers of elder people aiming to identify the main features of the care they provide. Have been applied semi-structured interviews to caregivers immigrants -from South America and Eastern Europe- who are working in households with elderly dependents. These caregivers, mainly women, carry out all kind of caring tasks, highlighting their poor working conditions. A greater social and institutional recognition of their work would be an improvement in immigrant-caregivers quality of life. As a consequence, this would increase efficiency of elderly care.