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Ageing and Workforce Participation


Thu 27. 8.  11:00 - 12:30
room FA 202

Organizational Culture And Its Influence On The Image and Proffessional Opportunities Of 50+ Employees At The Polish Job Market in the New Capitalism


Pancewicz, Magdalena
Graduate School for Social Research IFiS PAN, Poland

The presentation is based on the framework for my diploma research in the situation of the employees 50+ at the Polish job market nowadays – in the New Capitalism as described by Richard Sennett. The presentation would serve as a great opportunity to discuss the assumptions and framework of a research for the Ph.D diploma. Employees 50+ are a group which might be threatened with social exclusion – depending on their education, socioeconomic status and profession their situation is much different: perspective of the job change, promotion within a company or vocational training differs among various employee groups, branches and companies. The idea behind the research is to define company cultures which are most supportive to hiring and managing employees 50+ and in which employees themselves feel most comfortable. To do so I shall investigate various organizational cultures form different branches with the use of in-depth interviews with the hr and management board, employees 50+ and via opinion pool with other employees. The characteristics used to identify organizational culture shall be based on combination of two typologies of 1)Terrence E. Deal & Allen A. Kennedy and 2) Kim Cameron & Robert Quinn. I would also like to investigate the situation of the workers/employees in the new capitalism as described by Richard Sennett and their ways of adaptation (maybe different depending on the organizational culture). I shall also try to identify characteristics most valuable in the nowadays time at the job market. I believe the presentation would serve a great opportunity not onlyly to discuss the assumptions for the diploma research but also first findings of pilot study carried out with representatives of recruitting agencies.