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Ageing and Workforce Participation


Thu 27. 8.  11:00 - 12:30
room FA 202

Generation diversity among women’s opinion on extending their professional activity in Poland


Thel, Karolina
University of Warsaw; Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland

Presented paper is a result of my PhD research project. Facing the consequences of society aging process, it seems to be crucial for the European labor market to prepare a proper strategy to lengthen the professional career of citizens. It is important to look at the problem in a longer perspective. In Poland there is the necessity to deepen the diagnosis concerning the phenomenon of low professional activity of women being at retirement age by looking into intergeneration differences. The aim of my doctoral research was to get to know motivation (real of potential) to decide whether to finish a career or to remain in the job market. The task was to find out which motivating factors in what order and how influence, according to women, the possibility to lengthen their professional career. My own research model included deepened interviews with pairs of respondents (mothers-daughters). I was hoping to get an answer to the question if there is a change or generation inheritance of views among interviewees. I looked for answers for the following research questions: • Is there an intergenerational inheritance attitude towards extending working life among women in Poland? • What factors influence the acceptance of the possibility of a longer working life for women? • How women from different generations differ in their reasoning? • What practical recommendations for social and economic policy does it result in, especially for the labor market policy? Conclusions show the importance of cultural background and pressure associated with balancing family life and professional obligations among women.