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Care and Caregiving


Wed 26. 8.  14:00 - 15:30
room FA 204

Who cares about the care-giver? The impact of informal care on the health of the care-giver


Lang, Sebastian; Buche, Antje; Eberl, Andreas; Seebass, Katharina
University of Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany

The demographic change and, related to that, the increasing number of elderly people in society raise the question on how care for senior citizens can be organized. *Informal care* remains the most common model among care options with relatives family members taking over care work in Germany. In our study we address the effects of informal care on health and *wellbeing* of the care giver by applying the stress health model (Pearlin 1990, Schulz/Martire 2004). Due to role conflicts arising from extra burdens and the very nature of care-giving tasks we expect negative effects of care-giving on the care givers health. The duration of care, the extent of care giving and the extra burden of eventual (full time) employment might lead to additional strain for the care giver and his/her well-being. We also control for social inequality and gender effects on health as women and people with a lower socio-economic status usually take the task of care giving. Empirically, our research bases on *panel data* from the Socio economic Panel (SOEP) (1992 – 2012).