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Ageing and Workforce Participation


Thu 27. 8.  11:00 - 12:30
room FA 202

What comes after caregiving? Caregivers’ employment careers in Germany


Keck, Wolfgang
Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Germany

In recent years there has been a growing number of studies on the reconciliation of paid work and caregiving to frail elderly persons. But little is known about the situation of caregivers after their care obligations have ended. This article enquires into the post-care employment career of caregivers. Two research questions will be addressed: 1) Do caregivers face higher risks of not being employed or of receiving an invalidity pension? 2) What are the key predictors why caregivers have not returned into the labour market? To answer the first question the author applies a coarsened exact matching method (CEM) in order to estimate the causal effect of caregiving on employment and invalidity. For the second research question regression analysis is used to estimate the influence of sex, age, and duration of the caregiving period on the employment status after caregiving. The Data basis is a random sample of insurance biographies drawn from register data of the statutory German Pension Fund.