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Visual Media Representations of Social Transformations


Wed 26. 8.  18:00 - 19:30
room FCE C206

Cementing the capitalist discursive hegemony through a "leftist" talkshow. "Večera s Havranom" as a case study


Profant, Tomas
Institute of International Relations, Czech Republic

The aim of this paper is to analyze how the Slovak public television talkshow “Večera s Havranom” frames important political issues and excludes particular opinions. By being represented as a counterwight to the talkshow “Lampa” moderated by the conservative journalist Štefan Hríb, the impression is created that “Večera s Havranom” represents the left political specter. The analysis of the discourses and practices that create a particular frame shows that whereas the talkshow opens a space for moderate leftist ideas, it prevents more radical leftist ideas from appearing in public broadcasting. It thereby cements the current discursive hegemony that postulates liberal democracy as a natural political space for a discussion between center-right and center-left ideas. The show thus fits the thesis about the end of Post-Communism and its neoliberal hegemony that is being replaced by a more open hegemony that includes perspectives that seemingly oppose each other, but have common liberally-democratic roots. The analysis will analyze six shows that touch upon (or exclude) the question of political economy.