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Experiences of Work at Old Age and Retirement


Thu 27. 8.  14:00 - 15:30
room FA 202

Retiring from a spiritual workplace – chances and challenges


Spannari, Jenni
University of Helsinki, Finland

Finding meaning and value has become more and more significant in work. Businesses worldwide have started to pursue thick value, to practice sustainable human resources management – and the current and potential employees to pursue significance and their personal values within the context of work. These changes are addressed also within the framework of workplace spirituality. It is evident in workplaces, which offer the possibility to find significance and transcend one’s personality (the vertical dimension) and to act according to personal and shared values for common good (the horizontal dimension of workplace spirituality). But what happens, when an individual retires from a spiritual workplace? What are the chances and challenges of retirement to the individual and the work community? What are the options, best supporting the individual and the community, to on/off retirement transitions and policies? How does the spirituality or non-spirituality of the workplace relate to finding meaning in retirement? This paper will present the preliminary findings of a Finnish research project ’The Revolutionary Power of Compassion’, aiming to find and define compassion in the everyday life of organizations, for example in the context of workplace spirituality, to find out how it is born, sustained and strengthened, and to explicate its connections with business productivity.