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Wed 26. 8.  16:00 - 17:30
room FA 548

Precarious Employment and Pension Reforms: A New Pensions Agenda?


Duvvury, Nata (1); Ni Leime, Aine (1); Callan, Aoife (2)
1: NUIG, Ireland; 2: Novartis

Pension reforms have gained pace in the context of the economic recession in Europe. Regardless of the welfare state regime, a common policy reform is the shift to increasing individual responsibility for pension provision. This policy shift has occurred in the context of intensification of precarious employment and/or non standard employment, which has fundamentally altered the structure of the labour market. Thus a dissonance has amplified between the pension policy framework and the ability of workers to adhere to the new demands of pension provision. This disjuncture is a serious issue to address and requires a new structure that would ensure basic pension rights for all citizens. In this paper we will identify the implications of the changing trends in pension provision and informalisation of employment in Ireland, particularly in the context of the economic crisis. WWe will then turn to a discussion of what changes are required in the pension system to facilitate access to an adequate pension for workers with insecure employment. We will draw on the recommendations made by Irish older women workers in earlier research by the authors exploring their access to pensions.