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Poster Session


Thu 27. 8.  12:45 - 13:45
room FCE Poster Area

The direction of help between family generations in Finland – Do baby boomers give more help to their adult children than elderly parents?


Hämäläinen, Hans-Mikael
University of Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish baby boomers (born 1945–50) are an exceptionally numerous generation: right after the second world war the rise in birth rate in Finland was remarkably strong but it lasted only a short period of years. Nowadays, when the baby boomers are approaching an old age and retirement, the question of generational relations and dynamics have become an important subject in the ongoing academic and public debates. Using nationally representative data from the Generational Transmissions in Finland (Gentrans) project (n = 2,278 baby boomers) I will examine the financial aid, practical help and care given by the baby boomers to their own parents and adult children. I will concentrate on exploring the direction of given help between the family generations and ask whether Finnish baby boomers give more support to their adult children than elderly parents. According to the result baby boomers are more likely to give financial aid and care to their adult children but practical help is generally directed upward in the family line.