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Higher Education and Inequalities (II)


Wed 26. 8.  18:00 - 19:30
room FA 246

Unequal future(s) of higher education in a Central and Eastern European context.


Király, Gábor (1,2); Géring, Zsuzsanna (1); Csillag, Sára (1,2); Gáspár, Tamás (1); Köves, Alexandra (2)
1: Budapest Business School, Hungary; 2: Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

In recent years there is a growing interest about the future of higher education. Both in the academic and the public discourse it is an often-cited statement that the higher education sector is (or should be) undergoing a fundamental transformation in terms of its role in society, its mode of operation, and its economic structure and value. Our paper aims to contribute to this discussion by summarising the results of a participatory backcasting workshop involving teachers, researchers and educational management staff about the future of higher education held in Budapest in January 2015. Backcasting is a special methodological approach in future studies which starts with a normative vision of the future and elaborates a strategy to reach this normative vision. By analysing this vision and comparing it to future scenarios discussed in academic and policy arenas, one can gain new insights both in relation to global trends and their possible manifestations in a CEE context. In order to do so, our paper is divided into three parts. Firstly, the paper briefly delineates the key aspects of the future vision of higher education developed by workshop participants. Secondly, our analysis especially focuses on inequalities of higher education in the future identified by the participants. In the final part of the paper, we aim to show which social, economic and technological trends might contribute to these inequalities and what the possible ways might be to deal with them.