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Ageing Policies and the Welfare State


Fri 28. 8.  14:00 - 15:30
room FA 203

Adequate income and social participation of older persons


Perek-Białas, Jolanta; Storms, Bérénice; Kucharczyk, Maciej
Warsaw School of Economics/Jagiellonian University, Poland

The paper will present findings from the pilot study which main goal was to define what an adequate old-age minimum income should entail in Poland, and in France, Ireland.To determine an adequate living standard for older people there were organized participatory group discussions with older people.The aim was to identify the essential physical and social needs that enable older people to participate fully in society. In case of Poland, where in total about 50 older persons in age of 60+ were experts in this research, there could be indicated that older people in Poland had difficulties in engaging with the concept of social participation, and even there is a negative perception of place in society for people with physical limitations, for example among the oldest old (85+). In Poland, in evaluation of the various level of income available for older people, there was perceived that the social assistance income for older people is far beneath the poverty line for all age reference groups (under and above 75 years old). The level of contributory pensions fluctuates around the poverty line for couples under 75 and for single older people aged 75 and over. On the contrary, for singles under 75 the pension level is still relatively far below the ARPT (23% below the poverty line), as it is for couples above 75 (13% below the poverty line). In conclusion, the Polish participants agreed that the ARPT level is low and incomes on this level only allow for basic needs: housing rent, utilities and food. Full participation in social life is not possible with income corresponding to the ARTP or below this level. As the methodology of research was common in these three mentioned countries, the comparison of results for Poland and Ireland and France will be presented either.