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Working Time


Wed 26. 8.  18:00 - 19:30
room FA 548

Women managers’ mobile phone use to find work-life balance


Nagy, Beáta
Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

Women in leading positions are under continuous pressure of juggling between career and private obligations. They intensively face the problem, how to reach and keep the balance. The present paper will give a fresh overview on the issue, how women managers make use of ICT in general, and mobile phones in particular during their everyday activities. A huge amount of articles have been published on the different theoretical approaches, like the spillover or the border theory, and also the number of articles dealing with women managers’ work-life balance has increased considerably. However, the use of ICT devices in this particular group remained almost unexplored. Based on the results of a survey among working age population to be carried out in May 2014, twenty semi-structured interviews with highly positioned female managers were carried out in 2014. The questions focussed mainly on time constraints; however both to issue of stress and strain was taken into consideration as well. The results intends to contribute to the debate, whether ICT devices support or hinder the opportunities for fulfilling a balanced life in this particular group in Hungary, where the gender order can be characterised by traditional expectations towards women.