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Inter- and Intra-generational Relations of Older People


Fri 28. 8.  11:00 - 12:30
room FA 203

Local Centers for Support Elderly as an example of social and intergenerational integration


Gawron, Grzegorz Piotr
University of Silesia, Poland

The aging population is a challenge for the present. This means the necessity meets the needs of the growing group of people with specific requirements and legitimate aspirations for worthy quality of life. An interesting response to the observed process are the Local Centers for Support Elderly – initiatives undertaken in many polish cities during last few years. The Centers provide daily support for seniors who are feeling lonely, suffering from various health problems, wishing to stay in a group, make new social contacts, spend their free time in a friendly environment and take care of their physical and mental condition. Many times Centers operate with Daily Support Centers for Children giving the possibility of integration between generations. Seniors visiting children during occasional meetings and daily activities. Acting together, they are broken down the stereotypes about older people and also changes the way of think about being old. Prepared description of the Centres initiative will show how to effectively activate seniors and keep them in a good mental state; to ensure their active participation in social life; how to connect generations; and how to organize trilateral cooperation between: government, NGOs and members of local communities. It will be a source of scenarios initiatives how to increase seniors autonomy and to maintain or enhance their health and quality-of-life as long as possibile. They enhances the knowledge and skills enabling older people to fully participate in society as well as intergenerational integration.